year of publication: 2009
weight: 345 grams
scope: 415 page

“Night of the Werewolf is coming- I said. Reproachful looked at me and shook his head. Are we definitely have to go down to that pub? Like we can’t drink beer or whiskey up here… I was about to answer, that we’ve promised, when the full moon’s silver plate freed from captivity of the clouds and lit up the above the peaks. I looked toward the firs which stood still, as if they had them cast in silver. I quickly grabbed Müller’s arm, and hit out the torch of it. I even stopped his mouth not to shout. He moaned and tossed in my arms. Chill out- I said, and grabbed his wrist.- There is nothing wrong, but I want you not to shout. Turn your head slowly toward the light… And do not shout, for heaven’s sake!- Müller roared, and his eyes was wide open because of the horror. In the bright moonlight, in front of the silver fir trees stood the werewolf.”