year of publication: 2010
weight: 385 grams
scope: 496 page

Scientists travel to Turkey to a conference deal with Hittite culture. John C. Lendvay, private investigator join them to meet an unpleasant task. The renowned professor is killed in the aircraft, yellow powder is applied to the dead body’s face- as three and a half thousand years ago members of a secret society, Hannahanna’s bees with their victims. Murders are continuing in the location of the conference. Then Lendvay start to work. He almost killed also. Lendvay then fed up with the mortal danger, and pack up, take his hat, and… stays! Did he manage to find Hannahanna’s hidden temple and the killer “bees”? Does the ancient secret come to light? Leslie L. Lawrence’s exciting novel guides us to the “Turkish Riviera”, where the shadows of gods and ancient empires are still appearing in the moon nights.